Maze Manors

compatible with iPhone

New Release!

A hidden treasure, winding corridors and stairways in unexpected places: Maze Manors is a simple yet intriguing game, where reasoning and intuition are both necessary to win.
The mutable map of each floor is gradually revealed, so that every move is crucial to achieve the best possible score, while the simple and elegant graphic highlights the structure of the building.
Why "mutable"? Two reasons: first, Maze Manors incorporates a topology generation algorithm, thanks to which even with the same map, each game is always different and surprising. Second, after reaching the goal, you have to exit back ... but it might not be as easy as you think.

main screen featuring map of the manor

Fig.1 - Tap (or swipe) on the map in order to move

Three game modes and the included maps allow you to experiment with growing difficulties, and will test your quality of seekers!

three different style of game

Fig.2 - Select game mode, then choose a map

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