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Maze lovers! Prepare yourself to be thrilled about the App Store release of Maze Manors; this new maze game will keep you involved in endless hours of happy tapping (or swiping).
Featuring a unique, smart topology generation algorithm, this slow-paced game will put your deductive skills at work: a finite set of maps, infinite combinations of different games, because mazes are regenerated for each single match... but if you persevere, you'll discover hidden patterns that will help you in enhancing your scores, minimizing the "wrong" moves.

main screen featuring map of the manor

In order to fulfill your quest, you'll have to find and climb stairs, discover hidden passages, and avoid dead ends. And when you'll manage to find the treasure, be quick and exit from where you began.

three different style of game

Stay tuned for official announcement of availability of future versions, already planned with exciting new features!

Maze Manors artwork

Other News

Check in the Products section the exciting functionalities exposed in Dice Studio 1.2, the de facto standard for dice creation on Apple mobile devices, available for purchase from the App Store! Now iOS 10 friendly.

a sample set of custom symbols dice a sample set of dice another sample set of dice

If you ever find yourself in need of dice, check it!
Creating custom dice and throw them has never been so easy and satisfying on your mobile device.

Dice Studio artwork